One Pack Program

Manage your pills with ease

We understand the daily struggles of taking the right pill at the right time when faced with multiple medications in a cupboard full of prescription bottles, or the time and stress it takes to fill weekly trays. Our One Pack program avoids all that by supplying easy to open packs prefilled with the correct medications, vitamins and supplements. Your monthly pills arrive in a pullout pack, which is clearly marked with the date and time. Best of all, it is delivered direct to your door at no extra charge to you.

End the pill tray hassle!

Monthly Box

Once a month, you will receive a conveniently packed box which has all your prescriptions, vitamins and supplements in a handy pull out roll of packets.

Ordered Packets

Inside the box, you will find prefilled packets in the order they should be administered, and clearly marked for simple and easy convenience.

No More Worries

Simply tear off the next packet, check the date and time, tear the easy to open packet and take all of the pills inside, just the way the doctor ordered.

Clearly Labeled Packets

Spend your time with what matters

and leave the pill packing to us!

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